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David R. Beshears

David R. Beshears

Award-winning author and screenwriter of science fiction, fantasy and adventure.

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Sisters in Space Screenplay Status

July 18, 2016

I’ve been adapting the seven episodes of the Sisters in Space serial to twenty minute screenplays, and am currently working on Episode Six. I’m writing these to work as either webseries, tv miniseries, or as an episodic feature. I’ll be formatting scripts for each of the three media.

Once these are done, I'll create the radioplay audio series from the webseries scripts. I'm thinking it'll be easier to transition to radioplay from the webseries scripts than from the short stories.

Animated Shipwreck on ShadowWorld

July 13, 2016

I just finished the animated screenplay adaptation of Shipwreck on ShadowWorld.

I originally wrote Shipwreck on ShadowWorld as a ‘which-way’ serial for my kids when they were young, and later rewrote it as a standard novella. The novella was subsequently produced to audiobook.

I completed a screenplay adaptation a few years ago, but always felt it would work well as an animated feature. I only now had an opportunity to get back to it and have finally finished the animated script.

The plan is to market it to producers who’ve indicated an interest in animation.

Finished 'The Librarians' episode

June 23, 2016

Sometime back I got it into my head to write a ‘spec script’, an episode of an existing series. And so, while I was watching The Librarians, my first time taking a look at that show, an idea for an episode came to mind.

So I binge-watched a season on Hulu, taking notes along the way, after which I wrote up an outline.

It took a bit longer than I planned to translate that outline to a script. First up, I had a number of time-sensitive projects to complete over the last few months. Secondly, something I really hadn’t thought of before but should have…

These characters aren’t mine. To hold true to the series, I had to stay true to the characters. I can’t grow them or evolve them. This was initially rather confining. Fortunately, as the project progressed I was able to get into the heads of the characters and eventually the episode flowed.

Now that it’s done, though, not sure what to do with it. Most producers won’t so much as look at an outside script, afraid they’ll get sued if one of their own scripts has any similarity whatsoever to it.

Guess I should have thought this through…

Suppose I’ll go looking for spec script screenwriting contests.

Reunions short script adaptation

June 04, 2016

I’ve completed a short script adaptation of my “Reunions” short story, a macabre tale published a few years ago in Necrology Magazine, Tales of the Macabre, and later appearing in several collections, including my own Yesterday’s Shadows short story collection.

I have been looking at adapting this and other short stories for some time, as I am starting to see a growing market for short scripts. Reunions turned out to be a little more complicated than I first thought, but in the end I believe it turned out well.