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Shylmahn short story coming soon
May 18,2017
I want to give a heads-up to fans of the Shylmahn trilogy…

I’m working on a short story involving several of the characters from that universe; it takes place about twenty years after the conclusion of Genesis, the final book in the trilogy. It’s a brief look at where they are now, what things are like, with a few brief reflections back to how it all came about.

Once finished, it will be available for free on the greybeard publishing website, and I’ll have a link to it here.

I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Sharp Park novella and screenplay
May 07,2017
My latest screenwriting project is a pilot episode script for a fantasy series called “Miles Bennett”. I had been working on it off and on while developing my Planet of Stones feature screenplay and went full time on it once that script was completed.

The pilot is called "Last Day at Sharp Park". I've adapted the script to a short novella that should publish to ebook and paperback this week. Check out the book page on greybeard. I also plan to develop it to Large Print format soon.

I am now putting together a series bible for the Miles Bennett series. Once finished, I’ll post the series project on my screenplays website and research opportunities to send it out to the industry.

screenwriting competitions
May 04,2017
Up until a few years ago, I entered my screenplays into screenwriting competitions fairly often; many have been entered into three or even four contests, and most have either won or placed very well, usually several times.

The hope had been that with such publicity, a script would get picked up and produced. Unfortunately, but for one exception nothing much has ever come of these competition successes.

And so now I enter them only rarely, and I do so now primarily to receive real world feedback on screenplays I've recently completed. I’m curious to see how my work stacks up against other scripts.

I recently entered my short script “Cemetery Shadows” into one competition, and my feature screenplay “Planet of Stones” into another. These are scripts I’ve finished over the last few months. Both have had positive industry feedback, but I still wanted to see how they would fare in competition.

I’ve had news regarding both over the past week.

Cemetery Shadows has been selected to be included in a film and screenplay festival this month. It was a finalist in earlier readings and I’m assuming this means it will now get a table reading at the festival itself. It was kind of hard to tell from their email beyond “selected to be included in the festival”.

Planet of Stones has made it through semi-finals in its competition (and New Orleans festival). Grand prize and top ten finalists to be selected on May 24.

We’ll see where both scripts go from here. Whatever happens, I’m feeling good about the two projects, what with the industry feedback they’ve received and the success to date in their respective competitions.

Still... while the pat on the back is nice, it would be great if competition success returned something more. An option from a producer would be nice.

An international presence
April 23,2017
I noticed sometime back that there were as many or more of my books being sold overseas as here in the US, particularly in the UK. After thinking on that at the time, I realized that as I grew up reading British science fiction writers, that my writing style may have been influenced somewhat by those authors, and that perhaps that was what readers overseas were seeing.

Whether that’s the case or not, I continue to see significant international sales, and I've been wondering of late just how easy it is for those folks overseas to find my books.

So the other day I went searching. I focused on the English speaking sites, though I did occasionally stumble onto my books on foreign language websites. That was interesting.

I decided to place here on my author page some of the international Amazon links that I found. Look for them in the "international links" box.

Next I’ll be updating the individual book pages over on greybeard, put direct links to the books on those pages. That's probably going to take a while.

In the meantime, if you’re in Great Britain, Australia, Canada or India, you can find me through the international links here on my author page. Two of them are Amazon author pages, while the others simply list my titles.

Work on the latest project
April 21,2017
I’ve been working on a pilot for a television series for a few months now (development title “Miles Bennett”), and have been on it full time since finishing up with Planet of Stones a few weeks ago. This latest project is fantasy with a science fiction foundation, ya’ know, cause I don't do straight fantasy.

So I finished the first draft late last night. My plan is to begin developing a novella adaptation as I work on polishing the pilot script and finalizing the series bible. Depending on the length of the final version of the novella, it may publish through Amazon Kindle Singles, but in any event will be included in Volume 2 of the At Variance collection to publish later this year.

More info here in the coming weeks.

Feedback re Planet of Stones
March 29,2017
I recently completed a screenplay called “Planet of Stones”. The idea was to come up with a true science fiction script that involved minimal SFX and characters. I worked on it for several months and completed it a few weeks ago.

I then began looking for critical feedback, and decided to send the screenplay to a coverage service. Here professional readers will review your script and provide analysis on what works and what doesn’t.

I was very pleased with the coverage that came back for “Planet of Stones”. It received high scores in every category with an overall percentile of 94. Only my “Ravenhill Court” screenplay rated higher. It even beat out “KHDZ”. Their suggestions for further improvement are being incorporated.

I adapted the screenplay to novella format, which has been published to ebook and print. While the recommended changes are minor and don’t change the story, at some point I will probably incorporate them into the book, as I like to maintain consistency between my screenplays and their adaptations.