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David R. Beshears

Award-winning author and screenwriter of science fiction, fantasy and adventure.


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New website lists book reviews
December 04,2016
I finished development on a new website that lists all my books with descriptions and includes review quotes from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible and other review blogs. Check it out at book titles and reviews

A successful countdown promotion
December 02,2016
The Amazon Countdown Promotion for my Serpent’s Keep title finished this past Thursday. I want to thank everyone who participated. Oh, and positive reviews for the title would be much appreciated. Just head to Serpent’s Keep, leave a few kind words and give it a bunch of stars. Thanks!

This year's Country Christmas Bazaar
November 21,2016
Thanks to all who dropped by our booth at this year's Country Christmas Bazaar in Elma. We saw some familiar faces from last year, and met a lot of new folks as well. I signed a lot of books over the two days, talked some scifi, some fantasy. It was fun.

We have one more event this season. We'll be at the Holiday Bazaar at Komachin middle school in Lacey, Washington on December 10. Hope to see you there.

self-publishing your book
October 29,2016
We set up an author booth at a few fairs and holiday bazaars each year, where I get a chance to sign some books, talk to folks about science fiction, fantasy, mountain climbing, just about everything but politics and religion.

During these events I’m often asked how to go about getting a book published, and I’m always happy to take them through it. I explain it all step by step, scribbling notes and website links on the back pages of brochures.

But I’m always concerned that they walk away with their heads filled with dreams of self-publishing the great American novel, only to get home and recall maybe ten percent of all that wisdom I’ve laid on ‘em.

So I decided to put together a quick guide to self-publishing (it’s only 43 pages), something folks can follow step by step as they work their way through getting a book out there.

What I’ve tried to do with this guide is talk to you as I might talk to that fair goer. You and I are sitting there at my author booth and I’m explaining exactly how we publish our books, and how you can do the same. But now when you walk away from my booth, you’ll be taking this guide with you. As you work the process step by step, you will have this as a reference.

You can find it over on greybeard.

And I wish you all the luck in the world.

The movie novella series
October 06,2016
Greybeard has brought together the novellas adapted from six of my screenplays into a collection called the Movie Novella Series. These 2-hour reads follow so closely to the scripts that you feel you’re watching a movie as you read.

Check out the Movie Novella Series on greybeard.

Reading Deals Reviews
August 27,2016
We placed four of my books onto the Reading Deals Reviews website. Reading Deals provides free downloads of select titles in exchange for an honest review.

If this is something you might be interested in, I created a page on greybeard publishing with links to the titles on Reading Deals. If you download a book from them and think it’s worth four or five stars, a positive review would be appreciated! Thanks!

If this works out, we may place additional titles with Reading Deals...